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linux version: doesnt even try to work
windows version: commits crimes and has to close (something about illegal operations)

If you spam 1, 2, 3 buttons it gets you to the next level but makes the cards vertical.

I can see that the game is easy but it is something to play in your free time

Considering doing this is better watching paint dry in quaratine

How did you make a PC-executable from a html-code?

This game have good idea, but is too easy.

i beat the game legit :)


Fun concept! The randomness of missed attacks feels cheap, though

Too easy guys


This game is really cute and fun to play when you want to just chill. :P

this game is to easy(

you have more luck than me. I can't get past the second boss xd

dude dont post glitches on here without saying so I know you used the rebirth glitch. You can tell because of the vertical elements.

ok, lol :D

Fun game but installing using the app downloads the source instead of the game.

Is it intentional that the costs for HP and ATK cards are hidden until after you click (and actually manage to 'buy' them)?

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They are not hidden at all, if you would have read the description you would know that the cost is the same value they have.

Nice game! Hope we can see an android version soon.

There is a version in the google play store. That version is HERE. It doesn't run especially well, which is why I am in the process of switching engines to Game Maker. An Alpha Version of that Demo is available on my web site It is VERRY much not done yet (which is why it is not posted here), but it will give you an idea of what I have been up to for the past six months.

Thanks for the Follow! Let me know if you have any other questions.

I like this game. Could ba as good as Reigns to compare, but in a more turn based rpg style. A lot of stuff could be added in the game, and easily since your concept is simple. And having a smartphone version would be a hit

there should be weapon enchantments and xp. xp would increase max health while enchantment would add to weapon damage.

My game dosent even start. I click Launch and it just says an error occured every time. Help!! this game looks like it will be fun

could you give me some more details? os version, computer, error message, etc


What I have to do to buy the Android version?

the web and download versions are slightly different! the web version was my attempt at working in some of the feedback, but the balance isn't really there yet imo. sorry for any confusion~!

Hey, I think I found a bug.

I'm running the Windows version of the game on Windows 7 and while playing, when I click on a weapon card, instead of adding to my total attack, the value of the card replaces my current attack.

So if I have an attack of 10, and I click on a weapon card of a value 8, instead of getting a final attack stat of 18, I get a final attack value of 8.

It makes it hard to get past the second stage.

But otherwise, this is a very cool idea for a game. It could definitely become addictive.

that just simulates trading your weapon for another one, not adding on to your attack power


It was just confusing because in the browser version the attack value was added to and not replaced

thanks for the comments everyone, glad you like it! n_n

I really liked this a lot! It would be awesome if you found someone to help out with creating a multiplayer mode. Would love to see more things added, but it's great as-is. Good luck with other projects!

I think I haven't prayed enough to rngesus to play this game. But I still had a lot of fun and will certainly mess around with it in my spare time. I also played it for my channel if you don't mind :)

this is a really good idea and it can go places


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This is my highscore, Love this game so simple yet addictive.